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JEE(AME) Difference of AME Avionics & Mechanical Course |jeeame

JEEAME Course & Scholership 2019


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Civil Aviation Govt. Of India managed the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering which is a authorize program. Safety and security of the aircraft is control by aircraft maintenance engineers. They are specially instructed to carry out intricate maintenance process including periodical maintenance program as per the Aircraft manufactures requirements and issue flight released certificate for safety before each flight take off. To carry out the maintenance and the flight certificate, candidate have to undergo the 2 years authorize program of AME by Govt. of India. In the aviation sector, safety is an important concern. An aircraft is made of many numerous parts, electrical or electronic system etc. With the time the parts also need maintenance and regular inspection of aircraft have become very important. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is up skill to examine an aircraft, recognize the problem and solve the issues Before the flight takes off, the aircraft engineer is in charge to make sure each and every aircraft parts are working properly. AME professional, maintain the Smooth functioning of the aviation sector. For AME professionals, one must have the AME authorize license, issued by the Govt. of India. To obtain the license, the candidate has to complete training from DGCA approved institute.

AME is Divided into Two Stream

Aeroplane & Power Plant
Helicopter & Power Plant
RN - Radio Navigation
ES - Electrical Systems
IS - Instruments Systems

Mechanical Stream Aircraft maintenance engineer Repair aircraft, Installation, aircraft radio, Airframes and Engines, and avionic (electronic) and mechanical systems. Avionics stream is the discipline that applies engineering, physics to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain electronic systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines. The AME engineer maintain and repair the various electrical / electronic and structural components of planes and helicopters.

JEE (AME) Scholership 2019

RANK No. of Student Scholarship on Tuition Fees Max. Scholarship in India
*Topper of C.B.S.E / State Board 5 100% 4 Lakhs
*Topper of JEE-AME 2019 Exam (Rank 1) 1 100% 4 Lakhs
*JEE (AME) 2019 Rank 2 to 5 5 75% 3 Lakhs
*JEE (AME) 2019 Rank 6 to 10 5 50% 2 Lakhs
*JEE (AME) 2019 Rank 11 to 20 5 25% 1 Lakh
*JEE (AME) 2019 Rank 21 to 30 10 15% 60 K
*JEE (AME) 2019 Rank 31 to 50 1000 5% 20 K

In the Aviation Sector Following Employment

AME license holder candidate have good career opportunities and they can apply for job in the Government and Private sector, aircraft maintenance engineer (license holder) also can apply for job in abroad.
(1) Aeroplane Manufacturing Companies
(2) Civil Aviation Organizations
(3) Aircraft Operation organizations
(4) Aviaiton Training Centers
(5) Airlines
(6)MRO Industries
(7)Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
(8) Civil Forces
(9) Flying Clubs

Career Scope & Jobs Opportunities

After successfully completion of Aircraft maintenance engineering course, you have to clear the AME licensing exam conducted by the DGCA. On completion of training you will get a B.A.M.E.C (Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Certificate) from the DGCA, then you can achieve the job in the aviation industry. AME engineering basic starting gross salary of about 30000/- to 70000/- per month, which goes up to 1.50 lakh, India to be the third beigest buyer of passenger aeroplanes in the world. As per report with 1.7 thousand aeroplane orders, To meet the operational required of the business jets, private jets, corporate jets, airlines, cargo aircrafts, MRO and General Aviation industries, there exists an urgent requirement for AME Engineers. There will be 3,30,000 Lakhs new jobs in Indian aviation industry by 2020 as per Government of India estimation and planning. AME salary package is very much high.