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Career and Jobs Scope

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Scope & Jobs Opportunity

After successfully completion of Aircraft maintenance engineering course, you have to clear the AME licensing exam conducted by the DGCA. On completion of training you will get a B.A.M.E.C (Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Certificate) from the DGCA, then you can achieve the job in the aviation industry. AME engineering basic starting gross salary of about 30000/- to 70000/- per month, which goes up to 1.50 lakh, India to be the third beigest buyer of passenger aeroplanes in the world. As per report with 1.7 thousand aeroplane orders, To meet the operational required of the Business Jets, Private Jets, Corporate Jets, Airlines, Cargo Aircrafts, MRO and General Aviation industries, there exists an urgent requirement for AME Engineers. There will be 3,30,000 Lakhs new jobs in Indian aviation industry by 2020 as per Government of India estimation and planning. AME salary package is very much high.